SLPS Listings

St. Louis Public School Listings (all information contained herein has been compiled by the broker from the seller or other sources.  It is not verified or guaranteed by the broker.)


Available for ground lease, approximately 5.5 acres of land (subject to survey to be performed) in the vicinity of the Gateway and Pruitt campuses.  Approximate area is outlined in red on map to the left.


SLPS Headquarters Campus

The Board of Education of the City of St. Louis is listing its headquarters building for sale.  The property includes a 146,429-square foot, three-story, urban office building located at 801 North 11th Street and a three-level parking garage with 402 spaces located on the adjoining parcel at 1101 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in St. Louis, Missouri. This 3.86 acre campus consists of an entire city block and the improvements were constructed in 1980.


Site Summary

Gross Site Area:                                 3.86 Acres (168,098 Sq. Ft.)

Net Site Area:                                     3.86 Acres (168,098 Sq. Ft.)

Primary Road Frontage:                     North 11th Street (709 Feet)

Secondary Road Frontage:                Cole Street (188 Feet)

Additional Road Frontage:                  Convention Plaza (203 Feet)

Additional Road Frontage:                  Hadley Street (389 Feet)

Average Depth:                                   237 Feet

Zoning:                                                I-Central Business District

Flood Zone:                                         Zone X



The subject property serves as the main administration building for the St. Louis Board of Education and is 100% owner-occupied. The property was reportedly constructed for general office use.  Though not required by zoning, the subject does have on-site parking provided in an adjacent parking garage at the far north end of the site. The three-level garage has 402 parking spaces.


Improvements Summary

Property Type:                                    Office (currently single tenant)

Number of Buildings:                          2 (office plus parking garage)

Number of Stories:                              3

Gross Building Area:                           277,469 SF

Net Rentable Area:                             146,429 SF

Site Coverage:                                    55%

Land to Building Ratio:                       0.61:1

Floor Area Ratio:                                 1.65

Parking Improvements:                       Above Grade

Parking Spaces:                                  402

Parking Ratio 0per 1,000 SF NRA):   2.75

Office Building:                                    146,429 SF

Parking Garage:                                  131,040 SF



The Board of Education of the City of St. Louis is offering its headquarters building located at 801 North 11th Street and adjoining parking structure at 1101 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive for sale for  $10,500,000.  The BOE would like to retain the use of up to 40% of the office space for up to ten years with pro-rated operating costs borne by the seller.  Additionally, the BOE would also retain up to 200 parking spaces in the parking structure for $50.00 per space for five (5) years and market rate thereafter.  


List price:                    $10.5 million

Ashland Branch-SOLD


Address: 4415 Margaretta, 63115

Year Closed: 2009

Neighborhood: Penrose

Year Built: 1964

Square Footage (bldg):16,419

Acreage: .87

List Price: $107,000


IMG_3557Address: 8724 Halls Ferry

Year Closed: 2009

Neighborhood: Baden

Year Built: 1908

Square Footage (bldg): 59,188

Acreage: 2.67

List Price: $331,453


IMG_4714Address: 2840 Samuel Shepard

Year Closed: 2004

Neighborhood: Midtown

Year Built: 1940

Square Footage (bldg): 47,896

Acreage: 1.15

List Price: $574,752


centralAddress: 3616 N. Garrison

Year Closed: 2004

Neighborhood: JVL

Year Built: 1904

Square Footage (bldg): 175,077

Acreage: 3.4

List Price: $350,000


cleaned up and perspective a little brighterAddress: 4352 Louisiana

Year Closed: 2007

Neighborhood: Dutchtown

Year Built: 1915

Square Footage (bldg): 235,285

Acreage: 10.6

List Price: $2,352,850



cupplesAddress: 4908 Cote Brilliante

Year Closed: 2003

Neighborhood: Kingsway East

Year Built: 1918

Square Footage (bldg): 69,228

Acreage: 2.54

List Price: $416,000



Eliot School Pano - needs straight linesAddress: 4242 Grove

Year Closed: 2004

Neighborhood: Fairground

Year Built: 1898

Square Footage (bldg): 51,380

Acreage: 1.44

List Price: $256,900


IMG_4697Address: 1131 N. Euclid

Year Closed: 2007

Neighborhood: Fountain Park

Year Built: 1893

Square Footage (bldg): 35,757

Acreage: .7

List Price: $214,542


Fanning Middle 3417 Grace Ave Saint Louis, MO Schools - MapQuestAddress: 3417 Grace

Year Closed: Pending

Neighborhood: Tower Grove South

Year Built: 1907

Square Footage (bldg): 81,367

Acreage: 2.4

List Price: $1,627,340


Address: 4025 Sullivan

Year Closed: Pending

Neighborhood: The Greater Ville

Year Built: 1906

Square Footage (bldg): 65,479

Acreage: 3.22

List Price: $982,185



1355 CLARA 3/30/16Address: 1383 Clara

Year Closed: Pending

Neighborhood: Hamilton Heights

Year Built: 1968

Square Footage (bldg): 65,880

Acreage: 3.87

List Price: $988,200



IMG_4611Address: 2931 Arlington

Year Closed: 2009

Neighborhood: Wells/Goodfellow

Year Built: 1931

Square Footage (bldg): 69,579

Acreage: 1.38

List Price: $347,895


hempsteadAddress: 5872 Minerva

Year Closed: 63112

Neighborhood: Hamilton Heights

Year Built: 1908

Square Footage (bldg): 59,188

Acreage: 2.67

List Price: $110,000


IMG_4302Address: 7417 Vermont

Year Closed: 2010

Neighborhood: Patch

Year Built: 1910

Square Footage (bldg): 43,983

Acreage: .98

List Price: $417,839


Front panna with carsAddress: 4342 Aldine

Year Closed: 2003

Neighborhood: The Ville

Year Built: 1900

Square Footage (bldg): 48,896

Acreage: 1.47

List Price: $424,324



IMG_3652Address: 4160 N. Kingshighway

Year Closed: 2003

Neighborhood: Penrose

Year Built: 1928

Square Footage (bldg): 31,735

Acreage: 4.3

List Price: $324,700


Simmons schoolAddress: 4318 St. Louis

Year Closed: 2009

Neighborhood: The Ville

Year Built: 1899

Square Footage (bldg): 87,542

Acreage: .46

List Price: $612,794


stoweAddress: 5750 Lotus

Year Closed: 2009

Neighborhood: Wells/Goodfellow

Year Built: 1967

Square Footage (bldg): 73,320

Acreage: 3.2

List Price: $450,000

Turner Middle-Under Contract

turner middle schoolAddress: 2615 Billups

Year Closed: 2010

Neighborhood: The Ville

Year Built: 1940

Square Footage (bldg): 49,768

Acreage: 1.3

List Price: $497,680

Turner Branch

turner branchAddress: 4215 W. Kennerly

Year Closed: 2009

Neighborhood: The Ville

Year Built: 1925

Square Footage (bldg): 31,009

Acreage: .99

List Price: $155,045

Walnut Park

walnut parkAddress: 5814 Thekla

Year Closed: 2003

Neighborhood: Walnut Park East

Year Built: 1909

Square Footage (bldg): 57,281

Acreage: 3.2

List Price: $460,000


websterAddress: 2127 N. 11th

Year Closed: 2007

Neighborhood: Old North

Year Built: 1908

Square Footage (bldg): 65,745

Acreage: 1.6

List Price: $657,450


wilkinsonAddress: 7202 Arsenal

Year Closed: 2008

Neighborhood: Ellendale

Year Built: 1927

Square Footage (bldg): 37,621

Acreage: .78

List Price: $602,000


williamsAddress: 3955 St. Ferdinand

Year Closed: 2008

Neighborhood: The Ville

Year Built: 1964

Square Footage (bldg): 64,504

Acreage: 2

List Price: $450,000